The Urban Farming Census Returns

The Urban Farming Census Returns

“Just how’d we do?”, we sat and stewed

waiting to make the count

To share how much, we’d grown for lunch

to take stock of the amount

that urban farms had grown these years tilling in the soil

and celebrating all our work; our sweat and our toil.

And so we do, with a great debut, open this years census

to tell the story of our farms; our broccoli and our lettuce.

The Urban Farming Network is pleased to support the continuation of the Urban Farming Census – a survey designed to shed light on urban farming in the Metro Vancouver region. The census aims to understand and to share the impacts of urban farming in Metro Vancouver: providing local food, connecting with residents, providing green jobs, among others. This work quantitatively describes the role that our farms have on our communities.  Marc Schutzbank, who works with Fresh Roots Urban Farm Society and completed the first urban farming census in Vancouver, is organizing this census. If you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to contact him
Farmer’s who grow and sell food in urban communities are encouraged to complete the census (Yes, that means you!). Filling out the census should take roughly 30-45 minutes and farmer’s will be compensated for their time. Those farmers who complete the census before the AGM, will be eligible for a drawing for a challah french toast breakfast cooked by Marc Schutzbank, which is an amazing treat!
For more information; please read the contact and consent form, or email
To fill out the census, please download this questionnaire and it out using adobe reader.  You can get a free copy of adobe reader at Then, please email the completed survey to