Intern and Urban Farmer Enrichment Day at City Beet & Urban Cover Cropping Workshop

Intern and Urban Farmer Enrichment Day at City Beet & Urban Cover Cropping Workshop

Our third and final Intern and Urban Farmer Enrichment Day for this season is happening on October 18 at City Beet Urban Farm in Vancouver. We will have a farm tour and visit the sites to be followed by an urban cover cropping workshop with Jacob Slosberg of UBC Farm. All are welcome, urban farmers, interns, volunteers, and enthusiasts! Feel free to join us for just the visit with City Beet, just the workshop, or both!

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Intern and Urban Farmer Day at City Beet | 4-5:30 PM **Meet at the Mighty Oak 198 West 18th Avenue**

Urban Cover Cropping Workshop | 6-8 PM **Workshop at JJ Bean (community room) 3010 Main Street @ 14th**

Dinner will be provided at the workshop.


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Cover Cropping Workshop Details


Cover Cropping Basics

Cover cropping is a core practice for soil management in sustainable and organic farming. Cover cropping provides important ecological services, such as erosion control, weed suppression, nitrogen fixing, nutrient leeching prevention, organic matter production, pollinator forage, wildlife habitat, and more.

Through a mixture of presentation and discussion, you’ll learn both the basic concepts and specific practices of how to sow and manage your first cover crop. If you’re already cover cropping, you’ll learn how to improve your practices and increase their ecological and production benefits. Jacob will bring along variety of cover crops seeds used at UBC Farm as examples. Come with your questions.


Topics covered will include:


-Species functionality, services and cultural requirements

-How to identify your needs and intended outcomes

-How to choose a species mix and rate to meet your needs and desired effects

-Cover cropping seeding rates

-Soil preparation and seeding techniques for cover crop success

-Incorporation and seed bed preparation for cash crops after a cover crop

-Where to source cover crop seed


About Jacob Slosberg

Jacob Slosberg is the Annual Field Production Coordinator at the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm. He oversees the UBC Farm’s diversified field and hoophouse vegetable production as well as the Farm’s pastured poultry program. Jacob plays a key role in the instruction of UBC Farm Practicum in Sustainable Agriculture, where he shares his diverse knowledge on all aspects of annual production. With a B.Sci in Global Resource Systems from the Faculty of Land and Food Systems at UBC, Jacob has a background in agroecology and education. He is passionate about developing systems for agriculture that are sustainable and efficient for both the farmer and the ecosystem. Jacob has over six years experience farming, ranging in scale from urban farming up to commercial-scale production.