Farmers-In-Training Workshop Series

Farmers-In-Training Workshop Series

The Vancouver Urban Farming Society is pleased to be able to offer workshops designed specifically for farmers-in-training – those working as apprentices, interns, volunteers and employees on urban farms. These workshops are designed to offer additional skills and experience, addressing topics that may not be easily accessible directly through their working experience.


Upcoming Workshops

Cover Cropping

When: Wednesday, September 9, 4:30-6:30pm

Where: City Beet Farm, Mount Pleasant

Cover cropping is a key practice in Organic and sustainable agriculture. When utilized effectively cover cropping can be a means of building soil and fertility, managing water, preventing erosion, breaking disease and pest cycles, reversing the effects of compaction, encouraging beneficial insects and pollinators, and adding to the aesthetic value of a farm or garden.

Come learn about the basics of cover cropping your small or large fields and garden beds with Jacob Slosberg of Osborne Seed Company and Boldly Grown Farm. We’ll focus on the when, the what, and the how of getting must of out of your cover crops including variety selection, seeding rates, scheduling, techniques.

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Irrigation Systems Workshop

When: Saturday, September 12, 2-5pm

Where: UBC Farm

This workshop will cover the basic anatomy of an irrigation system and its different components as well as selection of appropriate system for different crops, spaces, budgets, and scales. We will cover different types of systems, including overhead and drip irrigation, their benefits, and disadvantages. We will go from a simple backyard system to multi acre mixed vegetables farm scale. Students will also learn in the process the concepts of flow, pressure, friction, and scheduling.

In a future of continued water stress and drought, it is important to understand what irrigation systems work best for your farming situation, and how to use them most effectively to conserve water and function economically.

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Past Workshops

Farming  in a Changing Climate: Planning for Drought & Heat Tolerance

When: Thursday August 20th 6:008:30 PM

Where: UBC Botanical Gardens

Cost: $10/person

Co-hosted by UBC Botanical Garden, Vancouver Urban Farming Society, SPEC’s Urban Farmer Field School and Kitsilano Neighbourhood House.

Learn local techniques for how to be water friendly during this dry summer.  Three experts will share their knowledge and techniques for waterwise gardens.  Dr. Tara Moreau will highlight  the global impacts of climate change on agriculture in the Pacific Northwest,  Jose Celedon will share some hands-on tips and techniques about drip/trickle irrigation.  UBC Botanical Horticulturalist Nadine Robinson will explore how garden design, native plants and plant selection can reduce your water usage.  This workshop is intended for small and medium food gardens and we will share ideas to intelligently hydrate your plants

VUFS Beekeeping Workshop 2015.06.26

Beekeeping in an Urban Context

When: Friday, June 26, 3-5 pm

Where: Hastings Urban Farm, 58 Hastings St West

What: Learn the basics of beekeeping, how to care for bees, and how to integrate beekeeping in an urban farming context

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VUFS Organic Certification Workshop 2015.07.06Intro to Organic Certification

When: Monday, July 6, 4:30-6:00 pm

Where: Shady Acre Farm, 12520 Blundell Rd, Richmond

What: Learn what is required to transition to certified organic, discuss why or why not to certify, and how organic farming is different in an urban context.

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This workshop will be followed by a Young Agrarians potluck and social event. Attendees are welcome to come for the workshop and stay for the potluck, or come just for the potluck (and farm tour).


Stay tuned for more Farmer-In-Training workshops happening throughout the summer!

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