a bag of Hop Compost next to radishes and carrots

EVENT: Craft Compost Tour & Workshop

Craft Compost Tour & Workshop with Kevin Davies, Founder & CEO of Hop Compost
Saturday April 15th, 2017  |  1:00 – 2:30 pm  |  Hop Compost  |  $10


Join VUFS and Hop Compost Founder & CEO Kevin Davies for an inside look at the craft compost movement. Take a tour of the Hop Compost facility and learn about closed loop and inner-city food systems, as well as the nitty-gritty of making craft compost, including ingredient pairing, technology, and targeted microbial conditions. Kevin will also cover the important things to to look for in compost for urban farming, and will describe the history and impact of Hop!

Hop Compost Workshop and Tour poster

About Hop Compost
Hop discovered the world’s top composting technology in New Zealand, and brought it to Canada to develop the country’s first inner-city compost facilities. Since launching, they’ve saved 5 million pounds of food waste.

Hop uses select scraps from local partners such as The Acorn, Fable, and Matchstick, preparing small-batch compost with targeted ingredient pairings. Automating the compost process, Hop’s technology creates compost with the highest nutrient and organic matter content in Canada, boosting organic crop yields by up to 48%. All together, Hop enables a closed loop food system to thrive, farm to table, table to farm.

Accessibility Notes
Please note that much of the event will require standing and walking, and the facility is not wheelchair accessible. Also, attendees are required to wear closed-toe shoes.