Park Board introduces Local Food Action Plan

The Vancouver Park Board unveiled its Local Food Action Plan in July highlighting priority areas and actions to increase local food assets in Vancouver parks and recreation facilities. Learn more about the Park Board’s Local Food Assets Task Force.

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The Local Food Action Plan includes 55 strategic actions to be completed over the next five years, covering aspects of the local food system including a few related to urban agriculture and farmers markets:

  • Conduct a community garden policy and guideline review and update to include additional types of urban agriculture projects, ease and streamline processes for application and implementation, and to clarify public consultation processes.
  • Considering other park uses, develop criteria and conduct a land inventory to identify: underutilised land; potential food tree planting sites (parks, boulevards); landscaping beds that could be transformed to food/pollinator gardens; potential urban farming locations; and other potential sites for food growing. Use this to focus future food growing initiatives and collaborations.
  • Work with City of Vancouver to create long-term strategic plan for farmers markets in Vancouver, identify opportunities for infrastructure to support farmers markets and other community events, and increase the number of farmers markets in Vancouver.